February 11 Online Community Meeting

Recording is not yet up.

Online community meeting
Tuesday, January 19, at 7pm

We have been told that there will be a “pause” in pursuing the Xinyi project. This meeting will be about what that really means.



Boots on the ground needed:

In addition to the livestream, we invite you to 'stand' in Market Square (figuratively) by sending a pair of your shoes or boots to attend the rally in your place, thereby making a visual statement of protest.

Those who wish to participate are asked to drop off a pair of boots or shoes at The Falstaff Family Centre (Elizabeth Street parking lot entrance, 35 Waterloo Street North) Friday, Jan 8 from 09:00 to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. Please bring them boxed, with your name and phone number inscribed.

When the glass factory matter is resolved, we’ll return the footwear to the original owners, or let us know if we may donate them on your behalf.

Online Community Meeting
Thursday, January 7 at 7pm

New concerns over the Xinyi project have come to light.

Environmental lawyer David Donnelly will discuss the letter sent to Council by Get Concerned Stratford asking the Mayor to release the contents of the binding or non-binding Letters of Intent Stratford Council signed with Xinyi.


Press Release, January 4: City admits signing a “binding letter of intent” with Xinyi

Get Concerned Stratford’s lawyer sends Mayor Mathieson letter demanding disclosure before Council votes on matter

Online meeting, December 22

Mayor Dan Mathieson has asked Melissa Verspeeten and Mike Sullivan to meet with him on Tuesday morning to discuss the position of Get Concerned Stratford on the XInyi proposal.

We believe it is important to hold a community meeting Tuesday evening to review together the results of this meeting with Mayor Mathieson. The community needs to be in a position to respond quickly to any situations that may develop between now and the next scheduled meeting of Stratford Council on January 11, 2021.

Letter to City Council

Get Concerned Stratford had requested to speak to Council at this week’s regular meeting. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our application.

We were disappointed, but decided to instead send a letter to Council that presents our main concerns.

Rally on Monday, December 21

The fifth public rally opposing the controversial Xinyi glass factory proposed for this southwestern Ontario city is set for Monday, Dec. 21 at noon

The public is invited to convene in Market Square, strictly following the COVID-19 guidance of the Province of Ontario. The event is restricted to a maximum of 100 people. Those interested in attending the rally must reserve their spot. We invite attendees to make and bring their own placards.

Please note that barricades have been set up in Market Square for the Lights On Stratford installation. This leaves only a few entrances to the square that will create a light bottleneck. Please allow extra time to observe physical distancing as you arrive and enter.

Online Community Meeting
Wednesday December 16, 7pm

As you probably know, the City has cancelled their two special meetings for this week, citing a need to get more information before the council meeting (and possibly a vote) on the cost-sharing agreement with Xinyi.

Get Concerned Stratford is responding with an online information session of our own on Wednesday, December 16.


The Special Council Meetings that were planned for December 14 and 16 have just been cancelled. Why?  Who knows! When we learn more we will post it here.

The regular council meeting for Monday is still going ahead, and the rally at noon on Monday, December 14 is still going on as planned (see below.

Rally at noon in Market Square

There will be a rally at noon on Monday, December 14. This rally will precede the Special Council meeting that will take place at 5pm later that day (see below). This rally has been organized by Wise Communities, who have posted detailed instructions for a Covid-safe rally.

Rain and snow are expected, but that shouldn't dampen our spirits!

There will be a call-in speech from former Toronto mayor David Crombie, who explosively resigned his position as chair of the provincial Greenbelt Council last week.

Get Concerned Stratford will have an update

Where we stand

There is one regular council meeting
on Monday, December 14.

The first is at 3pm. This is a regular council meeting and there will be no vote on Xinyi. The Agenda is here.

The Special Council Meeting, scheduled for Monday IS CANCELLED. The purpose of this meeting was for Council to hear from Xinyi Canada Glass Limited, and to provide members of Council with an opportunity to ask questions of the company’s representatives. Mayor Mathieson has informed Get Concerned Stratford that there would be no vote at this meeting.

The Special Council Meeting
on Wednesday,

The purpose of this meeting was to consider the draft cost sharing agreement with Xinyi Canada Glass Limited. There might have been a vote at this meeting.

Stratford has complete authority to deny Xinyi proposal

It is the ’unequivocal opinion’ of environmental lawyer David Donnelly that ”Stratford Council has the complete authority without legal liability to deny Xinyi’s proposal for a $6 million cost sharing agreement.” Donnelly, one of Canada’s leading environmental lawyers, stated this in a letter to Mayor Dan Mathieson and Stratford Council on behalf of Wellington Water Watchers and a number of citizens of the City of Stratford.

Help us by distributing leaflets

We have prepared an excellent leaflet that lists all the problems with the Xinyi deal. If you’d like to print off and distribute the leaflet in your neighbourhood, use the link below, and we will send you the file.

If you need a large number of leaflets, let us know through the link below. We have volunteers who will deliver them.


Contact Us

Tips, suggestions, corrections, complaints.

If you would like to help distribute  leaflets in your neighbourhood, or if you would like
to help with lawn signs, please let us know.

If you have an announcement for this page, mail us at getconcernedstratford@gmail.com

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