Research into the Xinyi Stratford proposal has led us to more and more disturbing information.
As our knowledge increases, we will add to this page. See the recording of the only public City meeting that has been held so far, on November 16, 2020, where citizens eloquently expressed their outrage over Council’s actions.

Key Issues

The potential environmental costs are high and the economic benefits are unclear. The actions of municipal and provincial governments are anti-democratic.

One of the most prominent issues with the Xinyi project is the use of the Minister’s Zoning Order to impose an environmentally damaging project on an unwilling population. Planning was done in secret meetings, and the general population was not informed until days before Council was due to vote on the cost-sharing plan that would commence the project.

Learn more below about the questions that the Mayor and Council should answer to protect the public interest.

Environmental and Economic questions

Questions that require answers from Mayor Mathieson and Council in order to protect the public interest

Additional questions

Here is a partial list of additional questions that should be answered by Xinyi before Stratford Council considers approval of any proposal by Xinyi Glass Factory Corporation.

The Pledge

Get Concerned Stratford has mailed a leaflet to the citizens of Stratford that provides a way for citizens to notify Council of their voting intentions in the next municipal election. You can find it here.


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