Pledge of support

Our leaflet appeared in the mailboxes of Stratford in early January. It offers information on contacting legislators at all levels of government, and provides a way for citizens to signal their voting intentions in the next municipal election.

Use this link to electronically sign the pledge in this leaflet

Use this link to download the leaflet

Leaflet for Poll of Stratford

Get Concerned Stratford  has commissioned Corbett Communications to prepare a representative poll of the citizens of Stratford, and it shows strong disapproval for the tactics of City Council and its pursuit of the Xinyi deal. You can read the results here.

We have prepared a leaflet outlining the basic findings of the poll.  If you would like to print copies for distribution in your neigbourhood, please use the link below. If you need a larger number of leaflets, we have photocopies you can pick up. Just let us know.

 Lawn signs

Lawn signs arrive on Monday, December 7, and we will be distributing them at the rally at noon in Market square. Starting Tuesday, we will be distributing them from our homes. Because of Covid, we have to use the unfriendly method of leaving them on the front porch for pickup.

People have volunteered to get signs out; if a volunteer brings you a sign, please follow Covid rules. If you’d like to donate, you can do so electronically.

The signs cost us $9 each, so if you’ve got the cash, we’d appreciate a donation. If you haven’t got the cash, don’t worry about it.

Contact us to order a sign or to help deliver one.

Printable  Signs

These are the same as the lawn signs, but can be printed on a home printer using 81/2 x 11 paper.



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