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Want your opinion on MZOs added to the public record? Now is your chance – but not for long. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is inviting public comments through the Environmental Registry of Ontario (Notice 019-2811) with a deadline of Sunday Jan. 31, 2021

Social Callout

Xinyi and GSP Group have launched a public relations campaign painting those opposed to the development as elitist and prejudiced. We know they are wrong.

Xinyi is attempting to create yet another divide in our community. To counter these false statements, Get Concerned Stratford would like to utilize video to show the true diversity of those who oppose the Xinyi development. We need as many videos from as many people as possible to have a strong impact on legislators and the public at large.

Contact Mayor Dan Mathieson
and City Council with your concerns about the proposed Xinyi glass factory.

Phone (519) 271-0250 – enter specific extension for Mayor & Councillors

DanMathieson - DMathieson@stratford.ca  ext. 5234
BonnieHenderson - BHenderson@stratford.ca  ext.5420
Brad Beatty - BBeatty@stratford.ca  ext. 5425
Cody Sebben - CSebben@stratford.ca   ext. 5426
Danielle Ingram - DIngram@stratford.ca   ext. 5424
Dave Gaffney - DGaffney@stratford.ca   ext. 5427
Graham Bunting - GBunting@stratford.ca    ext. 5363
Jo-Dee Burbach - JBurbach@stratford.ca   ext. 5428
Kathy Vassilakos - KVassilakos@stratford.ca   ext. 5423
Martin Ritsma - MRitsma@stratford.ca   ext. 5422
Tom Clifford - TClifford@stratford.ca   ext. 5421

Contact your representatives

Contact Steve Clark MPP Brockville
(Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing)

Tel: (613) 342-9522 Email: steve.clark@pc.ola.org

Contact MPP Randy Pettapiece

Tel: 519 272-0660     email: randy.pettapiece@pc.ola.org

Contact MP John Nater 

Tel: 519 273-1400      email: John.Nater@parl.gc.ca


Support the research that proves this is a bad deal
Help us get the word out


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