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February 25, 2021. Letter to the editor, by Susan McSherry. Why Stratford group opposed glass plant development. Sarnia and Lambton County

February 23, 2021. The seventh Stratford Town Hall rally calls for the revocation of the Minister’s Zoning Order, citing serious problems of process. Wise Communities Report.

February 20, 2021. Stratford community group holds virtual celebration over glass plant decision. Kitchener News

February 16, 2021, Exclusive: Doug Ford donors benefit as fast-tracked developments override environmental concerns
Comprehensive, excellent report on MZO’s by Emily McIntosh of the National Observer, with detail on Stratford.

February 16, 2021. Stratford glass factory project suspended ‘indefinitely’ following backlash over minister’s zoning order. Careful, in-depth reporting by Noor Javed, Toronto Star

February 16, 2021. Xinyi Canada suspends proposed glass facility 'indefinitely,' citing Stratford council delays Kitchener News

January 18, 2021. Plans on hold as Stratford glas plant battle simmers. The Stratford Local

January 18, 2921.
Xinyi enlists former PC staffer to lobby province. Politics Today

January 15, 2021.
Chris Pidgeon, employee of Xinyi Glass, says that the opposition to the Xinyi project is “elitist” and “prejudiced.” CBC London

January 13, 2021. Proposed Xinyi glass plant in Stratford put on pause.

January 6, 2021. Letter to the editor: Does Stratford need a glass factory? Beacon Herald

December 23, 2020.
Letter to the editor: A few good lawns. Beacon Herald.

December 21, 2020.
Province Rams Through Glass Factory in Stratford". The Hammer.

December 21, 2020.
Former First Nations chief speaks out against proposed glass factory. Beacon Herald.

December 15, 2020.
Stratford activist group charges Chinese glassmaker Xinyi is national security threat. CBC London

December 14, 2020.
, Cost sharing agreement for controversial float glass factory delayed again. Beacon Herald

December 11, 2020. Former Toronto mayor to speak at public rally opposing glass factory in Stratford. Beacon Herald

December 4, 2020.
"Ontario New Democrats Raising Concerns about proposed Stratford glass plant.” Beacon Herald

November 27, 2020.
Questions about proposed glass factory keep pouring in to City Hall.   Beacon Herald

November 24, 2020. “
Opposition mounts against Chinese glass plant in Ontario town” Radio Canada International

November 17, 2020 Stratford councillors defer infrastructure agreement with Xinyi. “The details in the agreement made public last week could change, Mathieson added. “The city has not finalized the agreement and passed it, so it’s still subject to council’s review and approval in open session.”

November 23, 2020. Beacon Herald article tells us a little more about the mysterious MZO. Methinks the Mayor doth protest too much.

November 23, 2020 Beacon Herald coverage of the rally against Xinyi. Held in Market Square at noon, to precede the council meeting at 3 pm. Only 100 people were allowed to attend. Loreena McKinnett and members of Get Concerned Stratford spoke before a socially distanced crowd.

November 20, 2020
Letter to the editor from Scott Wishart calls City Council’s action  “A Fiasco” (Long-term observer of City Hall politics: “Given the heartfelt and insightful pushback during Monday’s token town-hall forum, it’s clear that many of us are not willing to swallow the same Kool-Aid that some councillors have.”)

November 17, 2020 Stratford councillors defer infrastructure agreement with Xinyi. “The details in the agreement made public last week could change, Mathieson added. “The city has not finalized the agreement and passed it, so it’s still subject to council’s review and approval in open session.”

November 16, 2020. Watch the citizens of Stratford tear a strip off their elected representatives.

November 16, 2020
Stratford residents push back against proposed glass making plant (Beacon Herald)
(what a great meeting.

November 15, 2020: 
Beacon Herald article summarizing the online Xinyi presentation of Saturday, November 14.

November 13, 2020:  Does Stratford need a glass factory?  Letter by Mike Sullivan on the Xinyi proposal in the Stratford Beacon Herald.

November 13, 2020:  Beacon Herald article: “Details emerge about proposed glass-manufacturing plant”
(this could use deeper research, if anyone has the time)

November 12, 2020: The City of Stratford announces two upcoming meetings for Monday, November 16 at 5pm and Tuesday, November 17 at 1 pm to discuss the Xinyi proposal. Written submissions will be accepted before noon on November 16, and delegations must apply before 10 am on November 16 to be able to give a 4-minute presentation to council.  See the announcement here.

November 12, 2020:The City of Stratford publishes an information sheet on the Xinyi proposal.

November 11, 2020:  Local blog post: ”What We Know About the Xinyi Glass Plant.”

November 3, 2020:  Beacon Herald article: “Glass maker sets date for public meeting about potential $400m Stratford plant.”

October 29, 2020:  The general public of Stratford becomes aware of the Xinyi project through an article in the Beacon Herald

August 10, 2020: The Ontario Federation of Agriculture writes the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Steve Clark, to protest the proliferation of MZO’s. The OFA is concerned about the loss of farmland to development.August 4, 2020:  Beacon Herald article on the annexation of land to the south of the city.

August 2020: Articles begin to appear on the threat posed by the proliferation of MZO’s. 
Environmental Defence Canada

February 19, 2020:  Letter to the editor of the Beacon Herald expressing concern about a possible Xinyi project in Stratford.

February 10, 2020:   The City of Stratford adopts a climate emergency declaration.

February 5, 2020: Stratford City officials back plan to annex Perth South Farmland. Beacon Herald

Xinyi workers go on strike: “Last week, thousands of workers at the Shenzhen factory of Xinyi Glass, a Hong Kong-listed company, launched a strike due to labor disputes. The Shenzhen police quickly intervened and not only sent police officers to the company, but also arrested a number of striking workers. It is reported that the chairman of Xinyi Glass has a deep political background in mainland China, and therefore receives special "care" from the Shenzhen police.”


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