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We’ve come a long way

A short video about the history of our action against Xinyi


Cheers and tears, and STILL more new information on the Xinyi fiasco.

February 11 online meeting

New correspondence, future plans

January 19 Online Meeting

What “the pause” means for our campaign.

Get Concerned Stratford
Online Community Meeting
January 7, 2021

More questions for Xinyi

Get Concerned Stratford
Online Community Meeting
December 22, 2020

Hear updates from the Get Concerned organizers and the thoughts of community members as they shared at the December 22nd online community meeting. Listen up Council & Mayor Mathieson - your constituents are speaking loud and clear!

Get Concerned Community
Meeting, December 16, 2020

When we learned that Council had cancelled their Monday information meeting as well as the subsequent Wednesday special Council meeting we decided to have a meeting of our own.

Featured speakers:

  • John Corbett, of Corbett Communications, gives details on the opinion poll commissioned by Get Concerned Stratford.

  • Mike Sullivan goes over the science of Xinyi

  • Dr. Franco DiGiovanni, of DiGiSci Environmental Consulting explains air quality problems

  • Loreena McKennitt outlines the upcoming rally on Monday, December 21

  • Anne Bell, director of Ontario Nature's conservation and education programs, puts it all in perspective

Get Concerned Community Meeting, December 8, 2020

Our first community meeting was very well attended. There was a lot of information to take in, and many questions. Among the speakers were local environmentalists and property owners, as well as our environmental lawyer, David Donnelly. Mike Balkwill, of the Wellington Water Watchers, led the meeting.

December 8 meeting:
12 minute version

This is a high-level summary of the issues and questions around the proposed Xinyi glass plant, created from select parts of Mike Sullivan's presentations during the Dec. 8th Get Concerned Stratford Community meeting.

The first Council meeting

This is one of the best recordings of democratic action at the local level that you’re going to see. People were really mad, and very articulate. They covered all aspects of the issue. This is the point where Council began to realize what an enormous mistake they’d made, and you can see it on their faces.


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